IRINA YANIKOVA  juillet-2010-bWelcome!
Do you like photography or contemporary art in general ?
This page is for you. It is the site of a picture creator who is fascinated by the new possibilities offered by the digital technologies of contemporary photographers.
I was always impressed by the great photographers of the 20th century and some have led me.
But for several years, the digital technology expanded my horizon and sometimes I can create images in the manner of a painter without a form in my mind.
In the galleries, in decorations, in the textile sector, as well as in the art of table, etc. everywhere you can see decorative images, developed thanks to the new technologies. It is a new picture, or rather a new form of artistic expression, which shows of our epoch. And even in public places, the daily environment, we discover more and more this new modern art.
It is my participation in this new art that I want to bring you closer, and I hope that some ideas you can see on my site give you the pleasure to discover other images, and why not take advantage of it every day.
Do not hesitate to contact me in order to suggestions, questions or if you want information on this subject.
I update my site often, so regularly throw at it and do not hesitate to explore new images under www.lifeisphoto.ru/Bella-Leo or at www.scannography.org for my pictures I designed with the scanner.
Thanks foryour visit, we read each other on my blog and see you soon!
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